after one ok rock in manila

since that day, every day is like

jan 19 one ok rock live in manila
jan 20 sick; cant get up; body aches everywhere; bruises from con
jan 21 univ; teacher’s prerog; sore throat intensifies
jan 22 univ; teacher’s prerog; payment of tuition
jan 23 fever
jan 24 fever
jan 25 fever; sore throat
jan 26 univ; sore throat
jan 27 univ; cough; starts playing the guitar again
jan 28 univ; cough; drowsy; bruises from con fully healed
jan 29 univ; cough intensifies
jan 30 univ; cough intensifies
jan 31 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 26th YABU!; cough; i have to get well asap

it's been a month since i updated my social media accounts for fangirling (especially livejournal and tumblr). i couldn't even open my laptop because busy schedule. i'll catch up soon. i miss everyone. i want to write a journal about one ok rock's concert here in the philippines but maybe later? :3 I WANT TO WATCH THEM LIVE AGAIN IT'S BEEN A WEEK (AND GONNA BE TWO) BUT I CAN'T GET OVER IT

btw, it's yabu's birthday. happy birthday!!! i remember that hey say jump event i attended last year (was it last year or two years ago?) for his birthday. it was fun.
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i thought you tried
i tried a little
i expected
i earned nothing in return
i was lost
i need to find my way back
please let me go
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[( ̄へ ̄)。。。]
I removed the background photo because it doesn't fit my new laptop's screen size. Now, I want to put a new background photo but I don't know what to place there. I haven't done anything for it yet. This is laziness.
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kiss inoo

( ✖ ‿ ✖) geehee!

While the others are already taking their midterm exams,
we're just starting our classes.

BUT when the month of April comes...

The others are already enjoying the summer,
while we're taking our finals.

BUT when the month of October/November comes...

The others are already enjoying their sembreak
while we're taking our midterm exams for 1st semester

BUT when the month of March comes...

The other are already in the midst of graduating feels
while we're taking our midterm exams for the 2nd semester

Kaunting Problema ni Iska na Hindi Gaanong Mahalaga
Iska Problems
Ano? Academic Calendar shift pa gusto mo?
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Here comes the looooong message for my ichiban's birthday.

[my message (◕‿◕✿)]
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY INOO KEI! HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! Err, I mean HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY. Or maybe 15th, as what Koyama-san told you HAHAHA! My relatives say you look tooo young for your age. They also say that you look like the youngest in Hey! Say! JUMP.

It was December 2013 when I became obsessed with this man. I was not really fond of 'idols' before. And I don't like asian pop (like kpop and/or jpop). Thanks to my schoolmates who introduced Hey! Say! JUMP to me. First thing I did was research about the group, the members, and their singles. I saw this beautiful young man always at the back or at the sides whenever they perform. /there was a SPARK when i saw him haha/ And he seems hardworking. And his face is my type. Then I researched about this "Inoo Kei" then I liked him. Now, I'm in-loved with him HAHAHA. /one-sided love these feels i hate/

As I read more about him, I liked him more. Whenever I feel down, I'll just look at his face, or watch his jdoramas, or watch his interviews, or watch Hey! Say! JUMP. Because of him, my miserable life found the light that would show how happy life should be. /this isnt exaggerating as it seems/ Before I knew him (and HSJ), I'm verry pessimistic. I always think about the bad things that happened to me /especially my high school days i hate it/. But now, instead of thinking about petty sad things, I tend to think about Inoo Kei and daydream. HAHAHA~! Inoo-chan saved my life.

Inoo-chan is my first ichiban in Johnny's. /even tho I liked Ikuta Toma and Yamapi before as actors... I didnt know they're in JE... I didn't even know JE before. It was 3 years ago/. Hmmm... Inoo-chan, I wanna say sorry because sometimes my attention is on Yuzuru Hanyu and Takano Akira (and sometimes Neener and Ohno). But I promise that I'll always return to Inoo-chan XDD /feeling guilty/ And because of Inoo-chan, I aim to be a foreign exchange student in Meiji University. /that is possible but i dont want to leave my country... maybe in masteral schooling.../

So, happy 24th birthday to the Japanese idol who makes me happy everyday. Stay forever young, handsome, cute, pretty, adorbs, smart, and perfect... as well as being random and stuff... XD I'm hoping for the best of your career with Hey! Say! JUMP and in acting. (PLEASE MAKE MORE DRAMAS FOR INOO PLEASE-- SOMETHING LIKE IN DARK SYSTEM HE'S SO FUNNY THERE) I hope you'll not be at the back forever  And please stay happy with my twin-sister Nao Minamisawa  /i believe those two is a good couple irl  ♥/

That's it. Riiaka loves Inoo-chan~! Riiaka likes Inoo-chan. Riiaka cares for Inoo-chan. Inoo-chan is everything too Riiaka. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY INOO KEI~! /hope to see you soon/

And here goes my edits for Inoo-chan. /sorry ain't adept in editing XD-- but i did my best/.
INOO OVERLOAD (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

[birthday edits/fanarts (idk XD) ʘ‿ʘ]
I just used my old edit in that one because I really like this edit of mine (a.k.a. "Welcome to the Inoo Kei World" or "Fave Faces of Inoo Kei").

I put my favorite pictures in one collage /or something/. I liked the second picture more than the first one that I did. HAHAHA It has more derp Inoo faces XD

And presenting the fanart...
INOTERI SQUAD (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

[This is the fanart. YEY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧]
This is my fanart that is not that artistic. Gomenasai (╥_╥)

Because idk how to bake a cake
I tried doing an origami cake
Strawberry-cheese cake.

INOO KEI INOTERI CAKE 24TH (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[See the origami...]
This is my first time doing some serious origami stuff. I know this is a failure but I did my best in it. So I posted it as well.


And I attempted to copy the font in the S3ART album... And it failed XDD
chibi kiss

WHAT am I doing right now

The title should be "What am I doing this month" or in my last two months of vacation

Finding a Mage Guild in Fiore
I'm just basically watching the season 1 of Fairy Tail anime. I have read the chapter 165 or something of the manga last year. I wanted to watch this anime since last two years but I can't because our internet connection before was slow. Or something like that. Good thing, my dad copied all the episodes from his officemate. I hope I can meet him someday. Haha~!

Visiting Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter
I have finished reading all the books of Percy Jackson and the Olympians last year (and also the Demigod Files). My only friend from high school gave me last Christmas the book three (The Mark of Athena) of the continuation series (idk what is that called, maybe continuation?) of the Percy Jackson, namely The Heroes of Olympus. Of course, I don't want to read the book three without reading the first two books. So, I waited for someone to give me the first two books because I don't have money. Or rather, I have already spent my money for other things like fandom stuff. My dad bought me the first two books last week.

I finished reading the book one (The Lost Hero) last week, which is the first novel I have read this year (that is not a requirement for our English class, this is an achievement indeed). And I am still in the process of reading The Son of Neptune (book two). Last time I read that was last Friday. I haven't read any of these this week. Maybe I'll continue reading tomorrow. I'm already halfway of the book.

Fulfilling my Fangirling Needs
I am on my way to doing this. I need to watch Naruyouni Narusa season 2 (honestly because of Inoo Kei, because I'm not fond of this genre of drama). I will also be watching Ohno Satoshi Jdoramas like Kaibutsu-kun, Kagi no Kakatta Heya, Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara, Shingami-kun, Tokujo kabachi, Saigo no Yakusoku, and Uta no Onii-san. I think I should download these from the generous subbers in this platform. But probably I could watch them all next month. Maou is really impressive for me, especially the acting of Ohno there. I love his character. I love that jdorama. One of the best (next to Nobuta wo Produce).

Preparing for Ichiban's Birthdays
Since last month, I have been stressed because I cannot decide what to do on Inoo Kei's birthday. A traditional media drawing? A modern media drawing? An edit? A funny edit? A GIF? A video? I have done something but I think those are not good enough. I am not good in making those. I have done something for Keito, Yamapi, Daiki, Taka (OOR), and Yamada. How come I couldn't think of something for my ichiban? Maybe I'm just pressured by all the forces that surrounds me (idk what I mean here but it sounds good putting the forces).

And next week, my cutie neener Ninomiya Kazunari will be celebrating his birthday (June 22). Also, my another favorite from 2002-2004's Johnny's Juniors, Matsumoto Kohei my baby puri puri pretty will be celebrating his birthday on June 15 (I miss you baby Kohei~).


A former teacher of mine in computer science in my high school lets us (me with one classmate in high school and some kouhai from high school) do some 'work' in his office (almost everyday). We are making some kind of applications/software for some small-time companies (I can't tell too much about this part haha). Our clients say that what we are doing are supposed to be done by some college students (of Computer Science). I am not really planning to take programming in college but there are perks in this "on-the-job training" or "internship" so I am going. Haha~!


chibi inoo

Drawing Practice 004: More on Hair

I practiced drawing earlier. And my hand is now in the good condition YEYYY
I tried drawing a dark-skinned girl this time.
2014-06-04 20.08.43
But after I have shaded the face, I noticed that it kinda looked like Minamisawa Nao in Naruyouni Narusa Season 2 (Sorry I forgot her character name in that jdorama). But I can't erase the shades in the face because I might also erase the whole thing XD (Sorry if I recognized this drawing as Nao-san)

Next that I drew is this. I actually started drawing the eyes. I decided to draw a girl, a short-haired girl. But when I drew the hair, IT NOW LOOKS LIKE A BOY. SOMEBODY TELL ME IF IT IS A BOY OR GIRL. Maybe it's a boy with girlish face...
2014-06-04 20.08.13
Doesn't it look like Okumura Ryo? I think it looks like him XDD

Then, I drew this girl with different hair styles.

Decided to draw something that is my 'own-style' of hair. And I came up with "Doughnut Hair". It was supposed to be a spiral-like hairstyle. I DON'T KNOW HAHAHAH (I wish this doesn't look like a 'poop-hairstyle')

the end.
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chibi kiss

Practice 003: Why can't I

I tried practicing yesternight to draw. But my hands kept on shaking (a little shaking (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻).


So, I tried drawing eyes first. The shading sucks and I can't draw straight lines.20140603_224623

I think I don't have to explain this.

The last one I did was a good one. BUT THE SHADING THEY'RE UNEVEN OH PLEASE. (The protractor has nothing to do here)

argghhh that was a poor night for me
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chibi kiss

I have found the Lost Hero and Percy

I tried practicing yesternight to draw. But my hands kept on shaking (a little shaking (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). So I just read Lost Hero by Rick Riordan.

I was home from an internship yesterday then I read the first chapters of the Lost Hero (Book 1 of Heroes of Olympus Series). I have been wanting to buy this book for six months, since my friend gave me the book 3 of the series (Mark of Athena) which was a VERY SMART decision she had made. I don't like to read the book 3 of the series without reading the first book. Seriously. No one ever wants to read that way.

Good thing my dad decided to buy me the book 1 and book 2 of the series. I'm very happy, y'know. I really want to read something for the next two months of my vacation.


I finished reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series last year because of a friend. This friend of mine has the Lightning Thief. He said it was a good book so I borrowed it from him. Yeah, it was good, maybe for a newbie novel-reader like me. I mean, it was my first time reading a novel because I wanted it. I only read novels if these are required in our English class. I have read Memoirs of a Geisha because it was a requirement for us when I was in second year high school (or grade 8 whatever). And I regret not reading novels before. MAN I SHOULD HAVE READ GOOD NOVELS. I was always reading books required in school. (Kinda grade conscious so I study a lot ( ̄。 ̄)~)

After I have read the book 1 of Percy Jackson series, I decided to buy all the books of the series. And also the Demigod Files.

The movie of the Percy Jackson, I just want to tell one thing about it: THEY SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED THE STORY OF THE BOOK (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ When I watched the two movies of it (Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters), I was like "Hey, it's not like on the book", "I wanna see the book's story". But, yea, I need to understand that they don't have enough time to portray the complete story of the book using that short time for movies. The casting is kinda good. Alessandra Alexandra Dadario is beautiful (and my guy friends had a big crush on her when we watched the movies HAHAHA). And LOGAN LERMAN IS CUTE ESPECIALLY IN THE LIGHTNING THIEF MOVIE OH CUTE GUY (≧◡≦)

I wanna end it here but I can say that Leo is my favorite character at the moment and I hope everything will go fine for him ◕ ◡ ◕


chibi kiss


My favorite cat gave birth to three kittens ಥ⌣ಥ

[I'm so happy]

My favorite cat named Maskara just gave birth to three kittens early in the morning this day. She got pregnant three times (two or three I forgot already) but she always gives birth to premature kittens. And one time she gave birth, I saw a kitten with no head. I believed she ate the head but I'm sorry I saw her eating something when I saw the kitten with no head. (I don't know how to feel now... I don't wanna talk about this now please)

Going back to the topic of this entry, Maskara gave birth to three kittens. I hope she could raise all of them well. It has been four years since we didn't have kittens... So this is a very happy moment for me... I longed for kittens for a long time ಥ⌣ಥ I wanted to play with kittens~

2014-06-04 20.15.26

I'm thinking about what name to give these three kittens... But most of the time, my mom's the one who gives our pets their names. I think I'm gonna give them names when they grew up a little.
Appearance (If the cat is ____) ----> (then) Name
the Cutest ----> Keikat or Keitty or Inookat
Kinda heavy and kinda small----> Yamacat
Thin and long ----> Yutoneko
Noisy ----> Ariokat
Small ----> Chii
Big with good healthy body ----> Hikkat
always plays with me ----> Takakitty
(I can't think something for Keito and Yabu~)
(Sorry if this is kinda offensive for you. These are based on what other fans say (I mean the descriptions~ that was just for fun). Please don't take these seriously.)

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